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DETAIL: Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2012



DETAIL: Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2012





The T-Shirt Issue—a collaboration by Mashallah Design and Linda Kostowski—makes pieces that are like architecture and descriptions like poetry. “After hearing a story about a boy brought up by a wolf, I wanted this more than anything else. The wolf would have accompanied my nocturnal wanderings, would have eagerly shared by reconnaissances and sometimes my thunderous sighs,” is the  text that accompanies the project’s jaw-dropping “No. 419: Wolf” piece.

Indeed, just when you thought you’d seen pretty much every t-shirt twist and tweak, what sounds like a another t-shirt design project is actually quite a complex feat of 2D-3D design.

The collaborators create items of clothing by first scanning human bodies, using the data to create sewing patterns of 3D polygons, then turn these into 2D files, which are finally used to laser cut fabric. With three Digital T-Shirts on the Mashallah Design site, and a few more wearable versions on their The T/Shirt Issue shop (along with corresponding graphic patterns, to boot), the project and pieces are a nice, new twist to an everyday product.

So creative and unique isn’t it? :) 

TODAY’S MOTIFASHION : ” Think out of the box!”



What an amazing piece of architecture this cathedral serve for our eyes isn’t it? This Cathedral named LUMINAIRE DE CAGNA’s Cathedral which located in Belgium. This great works are done for Belgium’s Festival of Lights with 55.000 LED lights!!. 


Cathedrals, it selfs, are magnificent sights to behold. Each tile, window, or pillar speaks volumes about its history and how the structure itself came to be. Aside from serving as places of worship for some religions, they’re also where special occasions like baptisms, weddings, and other ceremonies are held.

This Cathedral however, it’s not so much on the culture or intricacies. Instead, it’s all about the light. And not the light streaming in from the stained glass windows as you’d expect from other cathedrals, either. What I mean is the light that’s emanating from the 55,000 LED lights that make up this massively beautiful structure. 


What a beautiful art form isn’t it? :)

Check out the great LED cathedral live video from HERE ! :D



H&M’s David Beckham Giant Bag at London Bridge

DAVID BECKHAM fever has well and truly hit London, ahead of his H&M underwear launch day. Giant shopping bags bearing the footballer’s face have been deposited in different locations across London, including London Bridge, Covent Garden, Pottersfield and the two Westfield shopping centres. The Swedish chain has also posted its soon-to-be televised advert, starring the man himself, on YouTube. The black and white film, which is bound to brighten up your morning, shows Beckham modelling the collection to the sounds of Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood by The Animals. The advert will air this Sunday 5 during the first break of the Manchester United vs Chelsea match.

Watch his film HERE

and his full collection HERE :)



David Beckham is thrilled to extended his contract with LA Galaxy, because it helps to cover his lil daughter high taste of fashion. His six month old daughter, Harper spotted several times wearing some high fashion brand. Like on this pics above Harper is wearing CHLOE tights and a sweet grey piece from Bonpoint

The football star, who will launch his H&M Underwear collection on February joked that Harper’s wardrobe is ridiculous :P and he glad that he got his two-year contract. lol! and he also says that his well dressed daughter definitely takes after her mother, Victoria Beckham.

'Everything about her is feminine,' he told Google+ during a video interview. “Her first word is going to be mama.” Says Beckham.

Wow, I think Harper will be the next Victoria later :) 

Also check Harper’s look with other famous brands HERE ! :D



Who says that Alexander McQueen just did some couture and great dresses on runaway?

FYI, Alexander McQueen is teaming up with SAVILE ROW tailor huntsman, to launch their made-to-measure service. and YES! We could order one, made the best by McQueen team for us :) 

Before this, Sarah Burton has made this services kinda thing. But that’s just a couture for woman’s dress and now, they want to add it for men too. Sarah also says that with this service she want to give them beautiful. handcrafted clothes and emphasize artisanal work. 

So, this service will starts at JUNE at the label’s Bond Street store. The prices would be started at £4,500 to £5,000. They could choose from single-breasted dinner jacket, a black white prince of Wales or maybe the a double breasted cashmere coat! Perfect isn’t it? :)

Check this link for Alexander McQueen Fall 2012 Menswear Full Collections

TODAY’S MOTIFASHION : “Fullfill your customers wants and needs, they’ll crave your services

PREEN Pre-Fall 2012


Here it is one of PREEN collection for pre-fall 2012! If you see the full collections you’ll love the prints and a bit of color blocking that happened there :) PREEN in it’s simple design will be coloring this pre-fall trends. 

PREEN inspired by Chinese prints that usually we see that on the teapots, cups that usually stacked up on the kitchen with the blue and white touch on it. Like others London designers, Preen use PRINTS as the ‘vehicle’ of their collections. Here, they’ve played with blues in various ways beyond the blown-up Wedgwood pattern—also creating “denim” printed silk and turtlenecks photo-printed with denim-yarn cable-knit.  

The dress above is one of their collection which is I love it. The color, prints, composition are just simple and awesome! They could bring many color and prints into one simplicity and pretty classy design :) Curious for their full collection?? :)

just check this link out:

TODAY’S MOTIFASHION: "Sometimes we don’t realize about THINGS that we use in daily life. Whereas, we could take them as our great inspiration"

VOUGE ITALY JANUARY 2012! Great wardrobe and awesome photoshoot :) 

Model : Daria Strokous, Caroline Trentini & Ford’s Paula Patrice

Lensed by : Steven Meisel

METROPOLIS II by Chris Burden


TRAFFIC. TRAFFIC. TRAFFIC! Yeah, It’s the one of most stressful thing in this world. ARGH! I hate that and I think everyone too! I think one of California art performance for toy transportation Urban planning, CHRIS BURDEN also hate traffic and make this METROPOLIS replica. :P Which is inspired from the very crowded road in New York and California and creating a very busy city in the future. He includes 100.000 car that goes around this replica by electrical and magnetic power, which shows nowadays traffic. (I’m agree and love his creation) :) What do you think? 


And here’s the link for the video if you wanna see the cars are moving in the great replica! :D